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How University Students Can Help the Environment

Replacement of native forest for sugarcane and eucalyptus in the south of Brazil. Today there are less than 1% of the Brazilian Atlantic forest, deforestation is the main cause of emissions of greenhouse gases in Brazil.

Most people don’t have time to worry about the environment when they scramble around to attend lectures and take tests. If you’re a university student, you’re probably worrying about what will affect you the soonest: your grades. Pollution, deforestation, extinction and all other environmental concerns seem worlds away when you have to cram your brain full of numbers and facts. However you can still make a difference!

Bathroom interior with white sink and faucet

If you use less water every month, then companies don’t have to spend energy to clean it, leaving more fresh water for everyone. Don’t use materials that aren’t biodegradable either!

living room

Unplug appliances, turn off lights, turn off HVAC system and use as little power as possible. Power companies will produce fewer carbon emissions as a result. Consider carpooling to work. .


Your university, like every university, probably has quite a few clubs or organisations that help the environment. Look for flyers that advertise meetings for these clubs.